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Nicole James


Nicole's dedication to small businesses stems from her own experiences as a brick-and-mortar business owner. Having navigated the challenges firsthand and recognizing the crucial support small businesses require, Nicole is deeply committed to fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive, even without substantial marketing budgets. Living in Wake Forest with her two daughters, she understands the significance of community support and its pivotal role in the success of local enterprises. Nicole is passionate about welcoming growth in the area while ensuring that small businesses remain at the core of its vitality.



At Live Love Wake Forest, we're on a mission to support our local small businesses and strengthen communities.  We are grateful for the local business owners that chose Wake Forest and our surrounding areas to plant their business roots.  Join us in building a stronger community where small businesses thrive, and everyone benefits!



Our vision is to help small businesses thrive in our community. We want to support entrepreneurs by providing resources and connections they need to succeed. By building strong ties between businesses and residents, we aim to create a vibrant local economy where everyone benefits. Together, we envision a future where small businesses play a vital role in our community's prosperity and identity.

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